John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze

Every year, Allure puts out the Best of Beauty list: a roundup of the favorite products for hair, skin, beauty, and body from Allure editors and readers. It makes for fairly boring reading in a magazine format as it is essentially just a very long list. But, for the beauty-addicted, this is like a grown-up version of a long letter-to-Santa Christmas list.

The anointed product this year for hair glaze was John Freida's Luminous Color Glaze ($10). For the unfamiliar (which included myself until recently), glazing is a process whereby the natural or color-treated shade of your hair is given something of a shine infusion through the use of "mild dyes and shine boosters." This can be done in a salon or at home. I opted to try the at home version since I think I already spent too much money at the salon.

I chose to try it out in Clear Shine since that is what Allure recommended. While Clear Shine can work with any hair color, there are also formulations for two shades of blonde, two shades of brunette, and red. The directions were easy to read and follow and I had no trouble saturating my dry hair with the glaze as directed. There is a mild smell, but it isn't overly chemical or noxious. and the bottle contains enough product for at least two applications to medium-length hair. After waiting the required 20 minutes (while luxuriously soaking in the bath, I might add), I rinsed, shampooed, conditioned and was ready to be impressed.

At least, I had hoped to be impressed. To be fair, I did notice some positive results: my hair definitely has more silkiness and just-came-from-the-salon soft texture than it did before. That has continued despite subsequent washes, which is nice. But regarding the big question of shine, I am sadly underwhelmed. I think my hair is shinier, but not noticeably or dramatically so. I would estimate that it is about 20% shinier. An unfortunate result is that my scalp has been a bit more itchy since glazing.

The bottom line is that I wasn't terribly impressed with the at-home glazing process by Mr. Frieda. For $10, I'm not sure what I expected and I imagine that in the hands of a salon pro the results would be much better. I'd be willing to try it again in the brunette variety to see if that makes a difference, but I probably won't be buying another bottle of Clear Shine. Sorry, Allure, I think you missed the mark on this one.



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