Low Maintenance Must Have: Avon In A Wink Instant Eyeshadow

My last mention of stick-on eyeshadow was admittedly less than enthusiastic. But if we use a content vs. process model, my specific complaint was with the content of the product (i.e. animal and camouflage) not the process (i.e. stick-on eyeshadow). The idea of stick-on eyeshadow is strangely intriguing, no? Especially for anyone who would appreciate a little help now and again, the Avon In A Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets ($9) would be a nice addition to your makeup kit. Appropriately captioned "Cheat sheets for your eyes" the process of application is simple:

Peel & Position - Separate eyeshadow sheet from protective plastic cover and place over closed eye.
Press - Gently press & rub entire sheet to transfer eyeshadow
Blend - Blend with fingertips for professional results!

No brushes or other tools required. Just a bit of gloss and you are out the door. Each order contains 14 sheets for $9, so that would be 2 weeks worth of daily makeup application. Personally, I'm partial to the Neutral Eyes and Timeless Taupes shades. But with eight possible color combinations to choose from, you should have no trouble finding something that sticks. (Get it? Sticks? As in, they are stickers...Oh never mind.)



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