Lush for Halloween: Spellbound Gift Set

It is obvious yet that I'm completely obsessed with Halloween? Thankfully, I'm not the only one. In fact, Lush, everyone's favorite store for natural, 100% vegetarian, certified hippie-dippy bath and body products brings you three amazing products ripe for Halloween harvest: Witches Ball bubble bar, Ghost shower gel and (The Great) Pumpkin soap. All three are available in a convenient gift set or sold individually in shops or online.

Spellbound Gift Set ($28) contains full-sized versions of Witches Ball bubble bar, Magic bath bomb, Jingle Spells bath bomb and the limited edition creamy Pumpkin soap.

Ghost Shower Gel ($17) is made with rose and dove orchid infusions and leaves only the faint smell of lilies to prove it exists.
(The Great) Pumpkin Soap ($5) is available only during Halloween season, so don't wait to get yours. This creamy pumpkin-colored soap features a scent with elements of sweet orange, mandarin, lime and cinnamon leaf. Witches Ball Bubble Bar ($6)* contains a complex mixture of rosemary, sage, peppermint, frankincense, myrrh and benzoin. Its interesting texture and intriguing appearance is due to the star anise seedpods, cloves, blackcurrants and cranberries that decorate its surface. Very bewitching indeed!
*For the unfamiliar, bubble bars are a signature Lush product: the first-ever solid bath foam. "Unlike liquid bubble bath, bubble bars contain no preservatives to damage the environment, or harsh surfactants to irritate the skin. Crumble one under running bath water for a tubful of luxuriously soft, scented bubbles."



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