My New Obsession: MAC Moisturecover

A new obsession that I brought home from the Trend Show: MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer ($15.50). Granted, I had gone to the Trend Show to seek out new, colorful, exciting makeup. Not... concealer. Just not very glamorous, is it?

Staring into the very bright lights at the MAC counter, the blueness of my under eye area was impressive. Apparently the makeup artist noticed because she fetched some concealer right away. Having had such bad luck with under eye concealers, I was ready to be fairly skeptical. Every time I try one, they seem to sink into the fine lines and make me look even more tired and old. Not cool!

But, I stand corrected because MAC Moisturecover has nailed it. It comes in the same packaging as their gloss, complete with doe-foot applicator, making it petite enough to slip into a clutch or a small makeup bag. Two small dots of the concealer under the eye and a little bit of blending is all it takes to cover up literally
years of poor nutrition and not enough sleep. Even more incredible, it does not sink into fine lines, and instead, leaves a smooth and perfectly concealed surface. I admit, I was totally blown away. There are 15 different shades from which to choose. If you are interested in checking it out, I highly recommend a field trip to the MAC counter so a sales person can help choose the best shade.

Somewhat related, I overheard and interesting tip from a
Bobbi Brown makeup artist, "Bobbi says that women wear too much foundation and not enough concealer." The idea being (I assume) that a more natural look is to focus on spot-treatments rather than overall coverage. Depending on your situation, this may or may not hold true, I think. But it's an interesting tip to consider in light of my new love affair with Moisturecover.



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