Total Beauty's DIY Beauty Remedies

I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) who resists any kind of well...anything that isn't hippie-dippy natural. And, you know, it's works for her. Me? I'll happily take my lab-created, non-irritating, SPF-providing chemicals. To each her own, after all.

Anyway, I thought of my hippie-dippy friend (and I say that with all affection) when I came across this article from Total Beauty on do-it-yourself home beauty care recipes. During these uncertain economic times, it's good to know you can always resort to combing through your refrigerator to get gorgeous.

Just as a side note to Total Beauty: when next featuring an article on natural products, how about using a model who doesn't have horrifically scary fake acrylic nails with a terrible, tacky French manicure? Mmmm, kay? Thanks.



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