Aveda Take Me Away: Aveda Caribbean Therapy

In the Fall and Winter, I tend to gravitate toward creams, lotions, and bath oils with a "tropical" scent. Slightly exotic, sultry scents are a nice reminder that (while not in my neighborhood) somewhere on Earth the sun is shining and beautiful blue waves rock gently against the sand. *Sigh.* The Caribbean Therapy line by Aveda is one of my favorite for providing a proxy tropical experience.

The Caribbean Therapy Body Cream ($27) is probably the thickest cream I've ever used. It can be hard to get moving when it's cold,
but once it warms up on the skin, it spreads quite nicely. Infused with scents of Caribbean mango, lime, cocoa butter, and amyris, this body cream provides a lot of moisturizing for dry, winter skin.

Caribbean Therapy Bath Soak ($25) features similar scents to the body cream for creating a luxurious, tropically scented bath experience. It is not a bubble bath so don't expect any bubbles or fizzing action like the Lush bath bombs. It can also be used as a manicure hand and nail soak as part of a home manicure.

Lastly, the
Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub ($40) contains salt and cane sugar for exfoliating dry, dull skin. It also includes oils from coconuts, avocados and passionfruit for intensive moisturizing. This is a good product, but not my favorite and I'll tell you why since vaginas have been a hot topic around here recently. I made the mistake once of using this stuff to scrub my bum and the backs of my legs. Not to be too graphic, but some of it ran down and burned like crazy in the private area. I'm not kidding about this. It was really, really uncomfortable. I don't know which ingredient or essential oil was responsible, but I strongly recommend using it only on arms and feet. I use it almost exclusively now for a pedicure food scrub, where it works just great. The moisturizing oils do leave an oily film and I would prefer that it rinsed off more thoroughly. So, all in all, not my favorite.

Nevertheless, the Caribbean therapy line is definitely one of my favorites. To be sure, it is expensive and maybe a little too strong for every day usage. But, for a special treat and middle-of-the-winter pick-me-up, it does the trick.



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