Bond Bombshell

Anyone else excited about the impending release of Quantum of Solace? The name sort of confuses me and I admit to consulting a dictionary for clarification. Turns out this ridiculous title translates roughly to "a particular amount of comfort" which I guess sort of makes sense...but not really.

Nevertheless, I'm hoping to go see it some time this weekend and not only because of scenes like this one, but because the newest "Bond girl" looks pretty kick-ass. Ukranian Olga Kurylenko is truly stunning (the other bland white girl, not so much) and I'm interested to see what kind of makeup was chosen to play up her natural beauty. You can watch a video of the hair and makeup designer for the film, Naomi Donne, here for some clues.

To get into the Bond spirit, you might be interested to try out the new Bond Girl 007 Fragrance from Avon. Presented in a bottle that suggests the shapely figure of this iconic movie role, the fragrance is "a sexy cocktail of exotic orchid and velvety white peach, refreshed with orange blossom and warmed by sensual cashmere woods that promises to captivate and entice." There is also a special offer right now on whereby one free ticket voucher to the film is added to your cart with a purchase of the fragrance.

You can additionally intensify your Bond Girl inspiration by checking out Total Beauty's Sexy Bond Girl Hairstyle Gallery. Most of them require oodles of hair, unfortunately, which might be why I love the new gal Olga and her medium-length locks. So get your up-do in order and I'll meet you at the theater.



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