Glamorous Gifts 2008, Part 1

So even though there are some definite misses in the Sephora holiday collection, there are just as many sure-to-be hits. After a rigid and intense vetting process, here are a few that get the Beauty Couch seal of approval.
Dior Chic Palette ($50) -- Six shades of beautiful eye shadows in an iconic Dior-inspired package make this set not only an excellent palette but also a chic accessory. It is a limited edition, Sephora-exclusive product and it is gorgeous!
Tarte The Vanity Limited Edition Palette ($52) -- I wish that I had a better picture of this killer collection, but you'll just have to believe me that it is awesome. This palette is not tiny at all and could last a girl at least through next December. It includes 16 eyeshadows, 16 glosses, a mascara, a bronzer, a luminizer, four powder blushes, and a few brushes to spare. Plus, all the products are loaded with tarte's signature "skinvigorating" ingredients: vitamin E, beeswax, rice bran wax, carnuba wax, and mineral pigments.
Sephora Brand Luxe Noir Eyeshadow Palette in Silver ($26) -- It seems like Sephora has really been stepping-up their house brand offerings and this palette is no exception. Containing eight of their most popular sultry, smoldering shades, the Luxe Noir palette is perfect for creating holiday looks as romantic or seductive as you desire. Plus, at half the price of the palettes above and with a sleek silver package, what's not to love?

Are you assembling your holiday lists yet? Any of these lovelies going to make the cut? So many to choose from...



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