The holidays are fast approaching and with them come the ubiquitous holiday gift sets. These sets are often very good bargains for gift-giving or for trying new things yourself.

One of my favorite all-time desserts is S'mores. So, naturally, Philosophy's Warm By The Fire Gift Set ($25) caught my eye. It contains three of Philosophy's signature luxurious bath and body products in delicious, practically edible, scents. This particular set comes with a sample size of Double Rich Hot Cocoa Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, Melting Marshmallow Cream Body Souffle moisturizing cream, and a full-sized Ooey Gooey S'mores Flavored Lip Shine. The lip shine alone is usually priced at $12.

Warm By The Fire is available (limited edition) at Sephora or at This looks too delicious to pass up, but hurry because this fire won't burn all season long...



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