Nature's Minerals from The Body Shop

As a mineral makeup fan, the newest addition to the mineral makeup market from The Body Shop was immediately intriguing. Nature's Minerals contain all the good stuff usually found in mineral makeup, plus some improvements. For example, all Nature's Minerals products contain:
  • Mediterranean Clay: an absorbent mineral that helps bind the make-up to the skin for long-lasting coverage.
  • Mica: Adds luster and has light-diffusing properties to help disguise fine lines.
  • Titanium Dioxide: Helps protect skin from the sun; provides color in cheek color and eye color. The SPF 25 in our foundation is currently the highest in the mineral make-up market.
Additionally, the foundation contains Kaolin, a clay mineral that helps to bind the make-up to the skin for long-lasting coverage.

The Body Shop rolled out this product line with a foundation, cheek color, and eye color. I had a chance to try out Nature's Minerals and was pleasantly surprised. Starting with the Foundation ($25), I chose Shade 01 to match my pale skin but Shade 02 might actually be a better match. The technique for application is similar to other mineral makeup explained by The Body Shop's own catch-phrase: Tip It, Tap It, Work It, Use It. Certainly the texture and application of Nature's Minerals is on par with other mineral makeup I've tried, but I found the coverage to be a bit more sheer than what I was expecting. I had to reapply several times in order to achieve a sufficient level of coverage. If other mineral makeups have seemed to "heavy" for you, then I would definitely suggest giving Nature's Minerals a try.

I also tried one of the four available Cheek Colors ($18): Golden Terracotta, which is described as a golden pink. I'm not sure if golden pink is the right description because on the cheeks it looks like a pretty sun-kissed glow -- more bronze than pink. That's not to say that it's a bronzer, because it isn't, but just don't go thinking that it is a true pink. Overall, the color saturation in the cheek color was very intense and required an amount of restraint with application. But that's good because it means that the little container will last even longer. After applying with a fluffy brush to the apples of the cheeks, my technique is to blend a bit with a makeup sponge to even out the harsh lines and leave a pleasant glow. It really looks beautiful on and I can imagine that it would work for a variety of skin tones.

Lastly, there is also a line of Eye Colors ($13) to try. The colors are limited to compared to some of the large brands, but there are a few that really catch the eye (Platinum Shimmer and Radiant Graphite).

This might be strange, but what I really love about Nature's Minerals is the improvement in packaging. The tubs are not completely open as it would suggest from the website photos, but have a very fine sifter for dispensing product into the lid. This is a big improvement in that it keeps most of the product neatly inside rather than spilling out in overly-large quantities. So amen to that!

In summary, I'm not sure that I would leave my Bare Escentuals foundation for Nature's Minerals, but I wouldn't think twice about trying out a few more of the cheek and eye colors.



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