Tricks for Dark Tips

I'm not sure about anything else, but Anne Hathaway and I agree: short, dark nails are bitchin'. Apparently everyone else agrees as well, because this is one "trend" that is pretty much here to stay.

According to nail guru Ji Baek "Anyone can wear dark polish, as long as nails are short and well groomed." This isn't to say that getting a flawless dark mani is a piece of cake. InStyle magazine published a feature this month about dark nails and here are some of their tips:
  • Trimming nails to 1/4 inch past the fingertip makes strong hues look more modern -- and appropriate for any occasion.
  • Hard edges can look severe. Instead, file nails into an elegant almond shape or "squoval" (similar to Anne).
  • Dark shades dry slowly so set aside an hour for your mani or pedi to avoid smudges -- and frustration.
  • Since these colors draw attention to your hands, keep ragged cuticles in check and moisturize frequently.
  • Be sure to use a base coat to avoid prevent staining of your natural nails.
All dark polishes are not the same and finding the best deep tone for your skin color is easy. For individuals with fair skin, try blue-based shades with a soft shimmer. For olive and tan complexions, look for dark colors with gold flecks and warm undertones to be the most flattering. For dark skin, go for strong hues that border on black for the most dramatic.



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