Cream Blush Tips and Tricks (inspired by Tarte Mini Cheek Stain Set)

Continuing on my love for tarte, I recently purchased the Très Cheek Limited Edition Mini Cheek Stain Set ($25) for a friend's birthday. It is a compact trio of three mini cheek stains in a reusable purple and gold pouch. Shades include: Posh (a soft plum), Fierce (a light strawberry red) and Chic (a golden coral peach). These little golden tubes are perfect for tossing into a gym bag for easy touch-ups. And the pouch is just so cute.
While professing to love the gift, my friend admitted to being a bit unsure of what to do with these little gems. It's not an unfair concern as cream blush can be easy or difficult to apply, depending on your level of comfort using it.

Here are the steps to achieving a perfect cream blush flush:

Cream blush is difficult, if not impossible, to apply using makeup applicators or sponges, so fingers it is. I recommend washing them prior to touching your face for general hygienic reasons.

Put a small amount of cream blush on the finger tips to warm prior to applying to the face. This will make it easier to blend and provide more of a sheer look.

Start by looking straight into the mirror and placing your finger on your cheekbone right under the outer edge of your eye's iris. That's where you should be applying color.

Lightly press your fingertips over the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones, blending the blush very carefully until it's completely absorbed into the skin.

Repeat if necessary. It's better to build up blush color little by little than to try to correct an overload.

Prevent "mirror blindness" by stepping back from time to time to gauge how things are looking.

If you went a little crazy with the blush, blend a bit of translucent powder over the area to tone things down. Alternatively, use a piece of tissue to gently blot off some color.

Lastly, if you are looking for an example, check out some photos of Reese Witherspoon. This Oscar-winning, high-paid Avon spokeswoman loves herself some blush. She is rarely seen without a picture-perfect glow. See for yourself...

Update! Here are a few more resources for blush par excellence:
Allure How-To Video
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