Makeup Bag Disoveries

It sounds incredibly simple, but sometimes the fastest way to inspiration is through the bottom of the makeup bag. Inevitably, the commonly used stuff is on top and the lesser used products will fall to the bottom where they can be forgotten for weeks, months, or even decades in the case of one unnamed friend of mine (not that it's a good idea or anything). Raiding the bottom of your makeup bag for "new" finds is an excellent way to save money as well!

At any rate, after sorting through my stash in preparation for the move, I re-discovered this little gem: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Blush ($12). It was purchased in Pink Glow at the beginning of summer to be used as a basic pink blush, but shortly thereafter I fell in love with Sonic Chic and thus abandoned it. But what a mistake that was! Coming in at roughly half the price of the MAC mineral blush, this drug-store product provides excellent pigmentation and long-lasting color. It blends easily for that perfectly flushed look and the marbleizing provides some subtle variability and dimension in the color. This could easily be worn alone for a minimal makeup look or glammed up with a dramatic eye or dark lips.

My only complaint is that I wish the packaging were less bulky and more sleek as it does tend to be a bit unwieldy to carry around. The mirror (on the underside of the blush) is nice but not necessary and eliminating it would likely reduce the size. Pink Glow is one of six shades to choose from in this line and I recommend checking one or more of them out. PF often has great 2-for-1 sales at Ulta and other drugstore makeup outlets, so keep your peepers peeled.



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