Monday Musings (Vaguely Beauty-Related)

Sorry for the delay in posting, folks. The bad weather and resultant difficulty navigating my life have kind of got me down. You would think that being housebound would result in more posting, not less, but it turns out that being cut off from all of one's social outlets and only venturing out of the house to go to work is less than inspiring.

But here's what I have been doing, combing the internet for beauty-related videos to entertain myself. First, I watched the entire season of Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist on Lifetime online. I had my hopes up that this would be stupid-fun, kind of like America's Next Top Model before it became completely intolerable due to Tyra's truly incredible narcissism. Unfortunately, Blush was completely lame and the challenges weren't even that interesting. Even more disappointing, it had a whole slew of reality-show stock characters that are really over-exposed and need to be retired: the "old" person, the over-rated drama queen, the "I'm doing this for my kids" Southern woman, the person who randomly inserts a "y" into their name, the smug personality-bereft host, and the grandiose overblown judges with their questionable expertise. Anyway, I could go on, but it was lame lame lame. Next!
You can always count on Martha Stewart to class things up a bit. I admit to being a Martha fan and I'm not afraid to own it. I especially love her post-prison, cringe-inducing MARTHA! show where she invites celebrities on to do various cooking and crafting tasks and then tries to awkwardly relate to them while ensuring that they are working up to her standards. That s**t is priceless. But Martha does have a few celeb friends whom I wish were my friends, namely Debbie Lippmann and Bobbi Brown (wow, what's with all the double letters?). Both ladies were on her show last week and had pretty rockin' segments, complete with Martha's charming trademark stiffness.

Bobbi Brown did a "Holiday Makeup" segment where she very helpfully demonstrated two supposedly simple but challenging looks: the smokey eye and the red lip. Bobbi has a more extended how-to on that is worth checking out as well. I went out to buy a Sephora Brand Professional Lip Brush #61 ($9) because of her instructions. Haven't tried it out yet, though.

Debbie Lippmann then came on to talk about "Holiday Nails" and how to preserve one's manicure over the holiday season. And, just for kicks, check out Martha's segment on how to transform your guest bathroom (because don't we all have a guest bathroom?) in the holiday spirit.
I also managed to read Tim Gunn's Guide to Style ($12) which was moderately entertaining and mildly informative. If nothing else, it is authentically Tim Gunn. You can almost hear his voice in your head as you read along, it's a little spooky. It could have used a little constructive editing and perhaps a thesis because, after all that reading, I'm actually not quite sure what good ole Tim was trying to accomplish. I will say that his fixation on ballet flats is a little irritating. Yes, Tim, we know you love the ballet flat, get over it.

Well anyway, that's what I've managed to accomplish in the past few days. Impressive, no?



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