Montagne Jeunesse: Take 2

My previous review for the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Salt Mud Pac was overall positive but I had some concerns about the strong smell. Since then, I've had the opportunity to try out a few more of their products.

The Cream & Honey Skin Polisher has a delicious, sweet scent of almond and vanilla. The texture is similar to slightly thinned yoghurt with added small jojoba beads. The technique here is to spend a bit more time (2-3 minutes) gently massaging the masque into the face. This exposes the skin to the gentle exfoliation provided by the beads. After this part, the masque is left on so that the cocoa and shea butters deeply moisturize. My skin definitely felt very well hydrated after this treatment, but shortly thereafter I developed 2 blemishes on my chin. I can't definitively attribute it 100% to the masque, but it did make me wonder. I'm not totally ready to write it off though, as it is a good product for tired and dry winter skin. Plus, it smells amazing.
If you are in the mood for some silliness, then Cherry Tonic is the answer. Unlike the others, this one is not a cream masque, but a thin fabric soaked with a toning solution. Yes, just like the picture, it actually does have cherries printed on it. Yes, as you can imagine, it does look a little silly. But the fresh and invigorating scent (produced with extracts of cherry and aloe vera) is nothing to joke about. This one is a quick, 5-minute fix that is an easy pick me up in the morning or before heading out to a big event. Because it is a fabric treatment, it is easily removed and does not require the thorough rinsing needed by the others. My concern about this one is that it might be somewhat drying for winter skin. It definitely left my face with a brightened and renewed appearance, but it might be best left for summertime or for those with more oily skin.
My new favorite is definitely the Fruit Smoothie masque. Made with crushed raspberry and mango, it smells delicious in the package and on your face. Similar to the package, the masque is light peach in color when applied, but dries to a dense white after 5-10 minutes. As with all of these sorts of products, I prefer to use them pre-shower so that it's easier to completely wash every bit off without soaking my hair, shirt, the sink area, nearby cats, etc. Fruit Smoothie does an excellent job of brightening the skin, leaving a healthy, beautiful glow. I was able to get two uses out of the package, which was also a bonus. I'll definitely be re-purchasing this one in the future. Montagne Jeunesse has such an extensive range of facial masques and treatments at such an affordable price ($2-3) that they are hard to ignore. Their slightly punchy packaging and overall spirit is compelling and fun. Even though they are based in the U.K., their products are widely available around the world and in the U.S. While they are certainly fun to use alone in one's bathroom, I can imagine all kinds of fun scenarios for sleep-overs, bridal showers and any other group gathering.

I highly recommend giving Montagne Jeunesse a whirl. It might take 2 or 3 tries to find your favorite, but hey, it's still cheaper than a spa facial.

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Misti said...

I've seen these products in drugstores since I was a kid, and the images were always sort of off-putting. But you've convinced me! Off to Ulta I go...err, maybe I'll wait till after work...

December 22, 2008 at 10:13 AM
Kyl said...

Hey Misti --
It's funny because just as I was reading your comment my husband was saying how freaky he finds the pictures. I agree, they are quite bizarre. But let me know how you like the masques, I'd be interested to hear.
December 22, 2008 at 8:27 PM

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