Too Faced Glamour Gloss Lives Up to Its Claim to Fame!

Being relatively unfamiliar with much of the Too Faced line, I decided to try Glamour Gloss ($18) after it was recommended by the glamourista a while back. Its claim to fame is that it "wears like a lipstick and looks like a gloss."

The first thing that it interesting about Glamour Gloss is the applicator. It is not a wand like other glosses, but is a little fuzzy thing that essentially mimics the shape of a typical lipstick. Twisting the tube pushes the gloss up so that it can be applied. Once there is some product available, the gloss swipes on just like a lipstick with a few quick strokes.

In terms of appearance and wear, it is somewhat of a lipstick-lipgloss hybrid. I would describe it as a not-very-glossy gloss. The texture is silky, not sticky at all, which is a big bonus in my book. Despite this, it does manage to have reasonable staying power. So I suppose that's what they mean by "wears like a lipstick." Ok, I'll buy that. Some glosses can (and do!) dry out the lips, but Glamour Gloss manages to provide some hydration (with the help of jojoba oil and vitamin E) and not exacerbate dryness.

The shade I sampled, Girls on Film, is a pinky nude beige that would be quite flattering for many. Thus far, Glamour Gloss seems to be aiming for the neutral shades exclusively, but I hope that they will branch out in the future because I'd love to try some other shades with this formulation. Overall, I'm a convert to the cult of Glamour Gloss. It is fun, versatile, easy to use and looks great. What's not to love?

Glamour Gloss can be purchased from Too Faced directly, Sephora, or discounted in limited shades at beautycrunch.



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