Total Beauty's Hand Cream Showdown

My hands are starting to get that dry, wrinkly, winter skin look that I combat (with varying degrees of success) every single winter. So, obviously I was interested in Total Beauty's round-up of the best and worst hand creams on the market.

I was disappointed that Lippmann's Rich Girl Hand & Cuticle Cream ($24) did not make the cut. This is absolutely my most favorite hand cream. I love the texture, consistency, subtle scent and the long-lasting moisturization it provides. It is expensive, no doubt, but I've been using the same bottle for nine months and it is just now running out. And, believe me, I'm going to cut it open and get every last bit out before throwing it away.
Plus, you may have noticed in the Martha segment with Debbie Lippmann from yesterday, Martha has a bottle beside every sink in her house. So if it's good enough for Martha...



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