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Those of us here in America are nearing the end of a truly historic day. I was listening to NPR while driving to work and couldn't help but tear up as they interviewed the crowd in Washington D.C. There were lots of different perspectives and angles from which to view the inauguration. Not to be excluded, the beauty and fashion world watched with rapt interest as well. But rather than on Mr. President, their focus was all about Mrs. O. And seriously, doesn't she just look completely stunning in this Jason Wu designer gown? I admit to being mildly obsessed with ever since the convention.

I've been combing the web today looking for info on how to achieve Michelle's polished and natural makeup look and so wanted to pass along some cool links that I found. First off, our old friend Total Beauty has a special feature on Michelle Obama's Beauty Secrets. The majority of the secrets are related to her various hairstyles, but the article covers some makeup tips as well.

StyleList blog has a nice interactive graphic about some of the products Michelle's long-time makeup artist and friend Ingrid Grimes-Myles, uses to create her polished and professional look. (Hint: lots of MAC!) Apparently at some point there was also some "controversy" about Michelle's severe eyebrows. Today was the first time I've ever heard anything like this (possibly because I can't imagine a bigger non-issue), but the Chicago Tribune describes it in detail complete with comments from Grimes-Myles on how she repaired this egregious mistake. Grimes-Myles has given other interviews with previews of the Inaugural looks that she had in store for Mrs. O. Daily Candy teased out some beauty tips from Grimes-Myles as well.

Also of interest, check out a great slide show of Michelle's daytime look from today on Huffington Post as well as an interesting article on why she represents "The New Sexy." Not to be left out, Allure has an interview with presidential makeup artist (since Nixon!), Lois Cassano, on how she makes presidents appear more presidential.

That's it for me tonight, I am off to bed to tend my own executive exhaustion.



BeautyTalk said...

Thanks for all these links on Mrs. O! She always looks stylish, beautiful, polished and always natural. And I think the girls looked very pretty at the inauguration... they will take after mom!

January 21, 2009 at 8:19 AM
Kyl said...

Thanks for the comment! I agree with you, the entire family looked very sharp!
January 21, 2009 at 10:27 PM

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