Overrated! Jo Malone Scented Candles

This isn't strictly beauty-related, but I have to share my experience with the famed Jo Malone scented candles. For those not familiar, Jo Malone is an upscale retailer of fancy scents. The scents come in various forms (such as bath products, candles and cologne) and have delicious sounding names, things like Honeysuckle & Jasmine or Wild Fig & Cassis.

I've wanted to try their products for a long time, but they are out of my price range. A $65 candle is not something that even seems remotely reasonable to me, I don't care how great it smells. But, my scented candle dreams came true when I won a Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey candle ($65) at the Nordstrom Fall trend show. With high expectations, I saved it for the perfect occasion, ultimately deciding to use it in my new closet so that it would smell nice when I got dressed in the morning. Good idea, yes?

Well, it was a good idea, except the candle totally sucks. I'm sorry to say, but Jo Malone has been a terrible disappointment. Not an unappealing scent or an overpowering scent, the thing essentially has no scent at all! Even after burning quite a bit down, I put my nose close and smell nothing. I can try to convince myself that there is a sweet scent of nectarine permeating the air, but there really isn't. And before you question my olfactory system, I can assure you that it is in good working condition and quite keen. The bottom line is that I can buy a plain white candle for $2 at the drug store. What you pay for in this luxury brand is the signature, supposedly high quality scent, and this one has nothing to offer.

I guess it's possible that my candle is a dud and the others are just as amazing as they purport to be. But since this will likely be my only experience with Jo Malone, I'm sad to say that they are terribly overrated.



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