Product Lust: Benefit Girl's Night In!!!

My thirst for new products has been at an all-time low recently due to my amazing Christmas Haul. Playing with all my new goodies has been a frequent and very enjoyable activity. As a result, however, I haven't been scouring the net looking for new hot products. But, on a whim today, I checked out Sephora online and discovered this new release from Benefit: Girl's Night In!!!
Girl's Night In ($48) is a limited-edition, Sephora exclusive containing "all the products you need to create a classic Benefit beauty look." This kit caught my little eye because it contains several items that I have totally raved about in the past: the Talent Brush, Full Finish Lipstick in Lady's Choice, and Creaseless Cream Shadows in Birthday Suit (I haven't officially written about this one, but I've used it and it is excellent) and Skinny Jeans. Not to mention those campy magnets to beautify your fridge. It also contains "a custom lesson," whatever that means. This kit is further notable because the items are at a hefty discount. Just doing some quick head-math, I'm estimating the cost of these makeup items individually to be near $75 and this kit is $48 (+ the magnets!). In summary, it has all the makings of a truly excellent kit: all the products are winners (i.e. no space-filling duds), it's from BeneFit, and the price is right. Nice.



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