Purple Rain! BeneFit BADgal Plum & Other Purple Mascaras

I've been on a complete BeneFit/tarte frenzy lately, haven't I? Well, it's going to continue because I have to rave about BADgal Plum mascara ($19). After lusting over it rather publicly (i.e. on this blog), it was generously gifted to me by some kind souls. All I can say is Bless them.

BADgal is everything that L'Oreal Panoramic Curl isn't and then some. Previously I had sampled BADgal in the store and loved it. So I was hoping that it would live up to my expectations once it was all mine. For some reason, there are times when a product that you think is amazing in the store turns out to be merely eh once you get it home. I blame it on all the chemicals, fragrances, and deceptive overly-flattering lighting. But moving on...

First of all, BADgal Plum comes in a HUGE container. I doubt that it actually contains any more product than a standard mascara, but it is rather commanding. One feels rather glamorous. putting it on. The brush is full and plush and does a good job of grabbing every little lash. One coat is definitely all that is required and it has a very respectable wear-time. I have yet to meet a mascara that looks the same in the evening as it did in the morning, but BADgal is as good or better than anything else. Most importantly, it definitely does not clump, flake or otherwise irritate my eye in any way.

The purple-ish tint is subtle and probably not something you'd notice if you weren't looking for it. So, in that sense, you could probably question why it's even necessary. But then you just open yourself up to having to answer all sorts of irritating questions like what it means to be necessary, especially when it comes to something as frivolous as makeup. That's a conversation I'd like to avoid, thank you very much. At any rate, variety is the spice of life, as they say. Whether or not BADgal Plum provides a significant extra pop to my eye color or whether it is just a useless gimmick, I love it nonetheless.

In a similar vein, apparently my prayers have been answered because there are several new drugstore mascaras coming out in purple hues. Both meet my under $10 standard for mascara, which means that once BADgal runs dry, I'll probably be checking them out.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights in Black Ruby ($9)

Max Factor Vivid Impact in Burning Bordeaux ($9)

Almay Intense I-Color in Raisin Quartz is not new, but I can never find it to try out.



Misti said...

I have the Cover Girl Black Ruby and it is really just the tinest ittiest bit of red ever. I think the Max Factor looks much more promising!!

January 26, 2009 at 10:00 AM
Kyl said...

Hey Misti:

Good to know! Let me know if you try the MF out.
February 2, 2009 at 8:19 PM

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