Tarte Vitamin Infused Lipstick

Although a lot of lipsticks claim to be "universally flattering," I tend to be fairly skeptical. It just doesn't intuitively make much sense to me that with all the different skin tones and lip tones in the world, that there is one shade that is good for everyone.

Well, I might have to revise that long-held belief now that I've met and fallen in love with tarte's Vitamin Infused Lipstick in Hatha ($22). This product is tarte's first foray into the realm of lipstick and they have really hit it out of the park! It is everything a good lipstick should be: easy to apply, creamy, moisturizing and reasonably long-lasting. Additionally, it is infused with tarte's usual blend of "skinvigorating" ingredients to nourish your lips as it beautifies them. Usually I don't give much credit to the amazing natural extract sort of claims, but I really do find that the Vitamin Infused Lipstick does not dry out my lips like other lipsticks.

Now, on to the subject of shade. Hatha is one of six available shades and it is best described as a golden shimmery rose. When I pulled it out of the package, my first thought was Oh yawn, but this was a complete underestimation. Hatha is probably the only shade of lipstick I've ever found that meets the fabled "your lips only better" standard. Admittedly, my lips are kind of naturally rose-colored, so it is not that surprising that it looks good on me. But, after studying it closely for a few weeks, I really think this shade would work on most people. It is neutral without being bland, and the hint of shimmer adds interest without being over the top. The color is very saturated, so it doesn't take much and the feel is still very sheer. Plus, it just feels fantastic on the lips: creamy and smooth, almost a lip balm consistency.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this lipstick, the formulation and the shade. are both perfect I do not particularly care for the bulky container and I hope that tarte considers revising this in the future. But, other than that, this is a quality product that I highly recommend. I will definitely be trying some other shades.

*I should mention that I got this lipstick as part of the Holiday Value Gift Set ($65) -- a little Christmas gift to myself. I haven't reviewed all the items here, but I will say that this kit is definitely worth picking up while there is still time. The cheek stain and the lipstick alone are to die for!



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