Beautify Your Nails with Barielle

For decades, Barielle has been in the business of strengthening nails and recently I had a chance to try out some of their star products. After using them for a few weeks, it is clear why they continue to be leaders in the field.
First off, I am completely smitten with Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage ($16). This multi-tasking winner works as a ridge filler, natural color enhancer and can be used alone or as a base coat. It is also formulated to hide imperfections or discoloration from polish use. This might be a little graphic, but given my penchant for dark, vampy pedicures, my toe nails often have an unfortunate yellow tinge (even with regular use of a base coat!). But with only one coat of the Barielle Camo, they were essentially a normal color again. Color me impressed!

Thus encouraged, I tried using it alone after a quick manicure where it elevated my nails from neatly groomed to shiny chic. If you have ever seen a magazine ad and envied the model's polished but natural looking nails? This is the answer. I honestly couldn't believe how nice my nails looked.

Barielle Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer ($10) is another home run. It also quite versatile as it can be used in a manicure or as a daily cuticle treatment, similar to my fav CND Cuticle Eraser. It claims to be specially formulated to treat thick, dry cuticles. Now I'm not confirming that I have thick, dry cuticles, but I'm not denying it either.

At any rate, I would say that this product
succeeds more as a cuticle treatment as part of a manicure than as a daily treatment. I found it to be just a tad too slimy for daily use and prefer Cuticle Eraser. However, I am completely obsessed with it as an intensive cuticle remover. Other cuticle removers have impressed me in the past, but they are nothing compared with this.

After waiting the recommended 2-3 minutes, the messy cuticle bits come up easily with gentle pressure of the orange stick. It's hardly any work at all. It even passes the ultimate test and easily succeeds removing the very
tenacious cuticles of the toes. I have used it on quite a few home mani/pedi at this point and it is really a very good product at a comparable price to other brands.

Overall I'm very pleased with my foray into the land of Barielle. Some of the nail treatments, like the Nail Camouflage, are on the pricey side similar to Lippmann or other high end brands. So that is one consideration. But if you are trying to treat a specific problem (like yellowed nails or stubborn cuticles), you really can't go wrong with these two.

Barielle products can be found online and at stores all
over the U.S including at many Bath & Body Works.



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