Beauty Couch Confessions

During our very busy schedule of shopping, eating and even more shopping, BFF Marisa and I managed to catch Confessions of a Shopaholic this weekend. As you can tell, we probably have some things in common with spunky protagonist Rebecca Bloomwood. Played by the comically talented (and this month's Allure cover model) Isla Fisher, Rebecca is a young journalist struggling to balance her love of beautiful things with her ever-expanding credit card debt. And, as is usually the case in these matters, the debt is all-out winning. Although clearly not destined to be a critical favorite, Confessions was light entertainment at its very best and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As expected, there is merchandising tie-in in the form of a knock out "Beauty Addict" palette from Too Faced ($30). With 15 individual products in a convenient, carry-everywhere billfold, this collection has everything needed to create a perfectly polished face faster than you can say declined. Having used other Too Faced palettes in the past, I can attest to their convenience, quality, and ease of use. This one appears to be particularly well edited down to the most basic beauty essentials for the shopaholic in a hurry.

To investigate for yourself, the Too Faced Beauty Addict palette is available online at Too Faced or exclusively at Ulta. The movie is in theaters.



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