Zoe Mini Flat Iron

It must be known, I'm completely addicted to my flat iron for day-to-day hair styling. It is a bit large, however, so it often doesn't make the cut for travel when there is only so much room in the suitcase. Thankfully, I picked up a Zoe Mini Flat Iron ($20, currently on sale for $13) at Ulta for my recent beach vacation. It is definitely small, compact and takes up about as much room in the luggage as a thick pair of socks.

It helpfully comes with an insulated little zip pouch to keep the cord from getting all tangled up in your other stuff. So obviously it isn't battery operated, but it heats up fast. The ceramic heating surface area is a small 1/2 inch, so it is limited in how much hair it can handle. But, I must say, in small batches it performed amazingly well!

Admittedly, a travel sized flat iron is a fairly frivolous thing. But let's get our priorities straight, less room in the suitcase for flat irons means more room for gloss!



tormp said...

i will testify that your hair was at least as straight on the beach as it is at home.

did you notice that you have some love from advertisers now?

February 8, 2009 at 5:22 PM

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