The Beauty Couch's Must See TV -- It's Thursday, Isn't It?

When not writing posts or swearing at my camera, I spend a bit of time surfing other blogs. Some of my favorites are put together by publications; in particular, Lucky's The Beauty Department Blog and Glamour's The Girls In The Beauty Department can post really good stuff sometimes. Today seems to have been a particularly good day since I stumbled across two pretty awesome videos that are good enough to share.

The first is a how-to achieve Isla Fisher's gorgeous waves in Confessions of a Shopaholic, as seen on the left. Seriously, aren't they amazing? Originally posted on Glamour's beauty blog, the video is a lengthy twelve minutes but has the immense advantage of featuring Oscar-winner Beatrice De Alba -- the actual stylist who did Isla's hair for the film. I've been trying to achieve some waves recently (more on that later) and found the video to have some quality take-home points, even without the expensive equipment she uses.

The second video features Lucky Beauty Editor Cat Marnell demonstrating in less than three minutes how to master the elusive smoky eye. I like her messy, anything-goes technique.



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