Get Ready for Some Glitter: Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2009

Have you ever seen so much glitter crammed into one little bottle? RBL's founder, the ever-glamorous Ji Baek, has decided that if we can't afford to be decadent elsewhere, let's live it up on our nails! I would be lying if I said that didn't have a certain appeal. She describes these new additions as "super-shiny glitter polish for grown-ups who want the impact of diamonds on their digits without the guilt." No mistake, these are some seriously glittery polishes and not for the faint of heart.

There are three shades available now on pre-order only: Look Rich, Be Cheap (top) is a mix of gold and purple; Locavore (left) is a complicated blend of gold, silver, green and blue; and Frugalista (right) is gunmetal purple. As usual, they are priced at a steep $18 each. Swatches are available courtesy of Scrangie and the Nailphile.

If these aren't striking your fancy, click here to review other Spring/Summer collections coming to a salon near you. Personally, I think I'm saving my change for China Glaze Summer Days.



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