Nordstrom Spring Trend Show 2009

Well, I am just back from the Nordstrom Spring Cosmetics Trend Show and the verdict is that it was a good show, but a little light on the trends. In fact, other than glowing skin (which is not a trend, but a fact) and the reappearance of bronzer, not much else was discussed. That's OK, really, I still had a good time, but the show in general seemed to be missing a unifying theme.

There were a few highlights, though. Facialist to the stars, Kate Somerville, was live and on hand at the show to promote her product line. For those unfamiliar, Somerville runs a medispa in Hollywood where she gives some of the world's most famous women beautiful, glowing skin. Her signature product, ExfoliKate ($85), is an intensive treatment that removes dead skin and bacteria to create that picture-perfect complexion.

She has developed a philosophy of skin wellness, branded the Skin Health Pyramid, which she discussed at the show. You can read about it on her webpage because I tuned out when she was trying to make the point that there is a difference between hydrating and moisturizing. I'm sure it's very important, but just wasn't grabbing my attention at 8 in the morning.

Probably the most exciting makeup product that I saw was the new Clinique Quick Blush ($22). This is a really clever little all-in-one brush and blush that is prefect for carrying in your bag for touch ups. The actual color is in the cap and the brush picks is up from there. It is a fully-contained blush system that is really fabulous. It currently is offered in six neutral shades that are fairly matte and universally flattering.

Lastly, the perfume contingent was really pushing the new Chloe fragrance ($110). Reviewers have generally been underwhelmed by this fragrance, stating that it is too floral and obvious or worse. Some have suggested that it is reminiscent of a smelly old lady on the bus wearing perfume. Yikes. Admittedly, I'm not a perfume connoisseur, but I kind of liked this fragrance. It is old fashioned in the sense that it is decidedly floral with a prominent rose base and notes of peony, lychee, freesia, magnolia, and lily of the valley. Some small additions of amber and cedar wood are thrown in to try to temper the flower garden, but they aren't very prominent in the final result. So many fragrances these days are of the fresh and clean variety, that maybe Chloe stirs up some nostalgic need for a traditional scent. Although less important, I also love the bottle design.

So that's the greatest hits from the Trend Show. Although it was slightly underwhelming overall, I didn't manage to leave empty-handed. More reporting on those purchase to come.



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