Would You Use Clip-In Hair Extensions?

For reasons I don't care to explain, I was watching QVC Saturday Night Beauty this weekend. It sort of leaves me dumbstruck that people can talk incessantly and inanely for hour after hour. It is overwhelming and yet I can't tear myself away.

Anyway, so one of the things they were shilling were these Ted Gibson Full Head Hair Extensions ($165). If you ever wanted to add 18 inches of synthetic hair to your head, look no further. The "hair" is secured near the crown of the head, just under the top layer of regular hair, with some clips. After that, it can be heat-styled just like real hair. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson has designed them in five multidimensional shades ranging from blond to black complete with eye-roll-inducing names (Angelina, Jennifer, Reese, etc).

The whole thing stirs up so many complicated emotions in me. On one hand, good god, who would ever buy this? I mean, did you see the price? I just fail to believe that it could actually look natural and not like obviously clipped on fake hair. On the other hand, if I'm being completely honest here, I would kind of love to try it. Do I think it will look ridiculous? Yes. Do I think that if I spent $165 I would try to convince myself that it didn't look ridiculous? Definitely yes. Would all my friends think I look ridiculous but feel too embarrassed to tell me about it? Unquestionably yes.

Maybe it just speaks to the way in which the relentless tongue-wagging of the QVC hosts slowly takes over your brain to the point where something like this starts to seem not only appealing, but necessary. Watch the video to see for yourself. It clearly worked because they sold out of these babies in no time at all.

So what do you think? Would you consider clip in hair extensions? Would you consider these particular clip in hair extensions? And how does one answer questions when some innocent person asks how your hair grew a foot since the last time they saw you? Oh, that's just my fake hair.



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