Big Discount on RBL Bath & Body Products

Although already well-known for a line of fantastic and unique nail polishes, Rescue Beauty Lounge also carries some very luxurious bath and body products. With unique scents such as Citrus Vert, Spiced Floral and Wild Rosemary Pamplemousse these lotions, scrubs and body washes are anything but ordinary. Unfortunately, they are usually extravagantly (and prohibitively) priced. But! In honor of Mother's Day, RBL is offering a 75% discount on all Rescue Bath & Body products, now through May 10. Just enter the discount code "mom" at checkout.

Since I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, I can't help but notice the absolutely beautiful label design on these bottles. Like the Citrus Vert Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash ($42) shown here, all of RBL body products are just too pretty to hide away under the sink. I would save these for a special occasion or put them in the bathroom before having people over to add that special touch for your guests.



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