Defining Disappointment: Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Eye Pencil

There aren't many negative reviews on my blog because it generally bums me out to write one. When there are so many fun and awesome products out there, it's just kind of hard to get excited to write about something less than stellar. But, in the interest in advising when to spend and when to save your pennies, I feel that I must report on the lackluster performance of Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Eye Pencils ($8).

The Revlon Beyond Natural Line is a collection of lip, face and eye makeup designed to enhance natural beauty while avoiding an overly made up look. Intrigued, I picked two of the Defining Eye Pencils on a 2-for-1 special at Ulta. They are short, thick pencils and my goal was to create a nicely defined and subtly smoky look for daytime. The colors I chose were both shades of brown: the chocolaty "Dark Brown" and the bronze-y, "Brown." "Dark Brown" is a perfectly respectable shade, but "Brown" really made my blue eyes pop. Initially my hopes were high for these guys as they were easy to apply -- the pigment gliding on without any irritating tugging on the delicate eye tissue.

The problem came later as the color slowly disintegrated off my face throughout the course of the day. It was more than half gone by lunchtime, and essentially none remained by 5pm. Ever hopeful, I tried layering the liner over Urban Decay Primer Potion for additional staying-power insurance. But it was no use, even UDPP could not keep this stuff on my face! So after a week of valiant efforts to make it work, the Beyond Natural pencils have fallen by the wayside in my makeup bag. This is especially disappointing because it's not like they are exactly cheap; $8 for drugstore eye liner is a bit much any way you slice it. Combined with the fact that this is a crappy product, well, there's just no excuse for that.

Granted, pencil eye liner has less staying-power than liquid liner. This is a given. But plenty of other pencil liners put this one to shame. As an alternative, I suggest the Sephora Brand Slim Eye Pencils ($5). They are cheap, come in a ridiculous number of shades (including seven browns!) and are much more durable while still being easy to apply. I have used these for years and they are great. They aren't found in a drugstore, but they are at a drugstore price and they easily beat the Revlon disappointments.



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