Lippmann Collection Hard Rock

As part of nail rehab, I want to be sure to treat and condition my nail beds as well as the cuticles. My favorite nail treatment for strengthening and conditioning nails is Lippmann Collection Hard Rock ($18). When my nails are in good shape and things are going well, I rarely keep them natural for very long. But when a little nail rehab is needed, I reach for Hard Rock.

Hard Rock is a strengthening and hardening clear polish that can be used as a base or top coat. After applying, there is an immediate improvement in nail strength, which is awesome. I don't know what magic Deborah Lippmann put in the formula, but it stops peeling and breaking cold. Traditional nail hardening formulas contain formaldehyde to cross link the keratin protein in nails. However, Lippmann products are completely free of formaldehyde, so it must be something else that makes the nails noticeably feel stronger. Another thing to love about Hard Rock is that it dries super fast, so I can slap on a coat and go about my business without much down time. It dries clear and shiny.

There are a few downsides. For one, it is pretty expensive for a top or base coat. In terms of wear, it tends to chip and peel a bit after three days, which is kind of a bummer. The nails maintain the hardening effect, though, so it's not a big deal to reapply. But this poor durability doesn't a good base coat make, so I tend to use it solo.

Ultimately, Hard Rock is a specialty product that probably isn't worth the price unless weak, peeling nails are a significant problem for you. If you are in the category and have tried other products, I would highly recommend Hard Rock. It would be useful in the post-acrylic nail-growing-out phase as well. Overall, Hard Rock works well to strengthen nails with obvious immediate improvement for relatively little effort. From nail superstar Deborah Lippmann, we'd expect nothing less.



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