Product Lust: Pop Beauty Nail Glam

Pop Beauty is a U.K. brand known for eye-popping colors and a punchy attitude. You likely have seen their trademark Eye Cakes back when they were carried at Sephora (they aren't any more, sadly). But it only recently came to my attention that they make a whole line of killer nail polish known as Nail Glam ($14).

With over two dozen vibrant shades, Nail Glam is amazing! According to Michelle at All Lacquered Up, the formula is incredible to boot. Colors like Berry, Lilac, Mandarin and Sparkly are just about too bright to believe. Seriously, every single one of their colors is bright, saturated and beautiful. This is definitely no army of pale pinks.

The only problem (besides the fairly robust price) is that while it is still possible to find POP products in-store at Ulta, the nail polish is only sold online in the U.S. Even my beloved, while selling other POP products at waaaaay deep discount-- Hello, $7 Eye Cakes -- doesn't carry Glam Nails. So my soon-to-be rehab'd nails are going to have to wait patiently until I decide to fork over the shipping or until someone (anyone!) starts carrying these in stores. *fingers crossed*



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