By Lauren Luke -- Youtube Sensation's Own Makeup Line Now Available

Youtube sensation Lauren Luke has released her own line of makeup palettes and, seriously here folks, they look amazing.

For the unfamiliar, two years ago Luke was a hard-working taxi dispatcher in a small town outside of Newcastle, England. As a single mom trying to make ends meet for herself and her school-age boy, she started selling cosmetics on ebay. In her listings, she would promote the products she was selling by posting photos demonstrating their use. Her makeup skills were so impressive that people began contacting her requesting tutorials on how to achieve her unique and beautiful looks.

To answer these requests, Luke began doing makeup tutorials and posted them on Youtube. With a sweet demeanor and charming Geordie accent, Luke became a sensation and her videos, under the screen name Panacea 81, have been viewed 34 million times by fans all over the world. She is the go-to source for all sorts of how-tos, but especially on achieving celebrity-inspired makeup. She has demonstrated looks for everyone from Britney Spears to Amy Winehouse to the Sexy and the City gals.

To say that she has some experience with makeup is an understatement. So, it's with great excitement that she has released her first line of makeup palettes to legions of waiting fans. Her collection By Lauren Luke contains five full-face palettes hand-picked by Lauren. And, of course, each palette has an accompanying tutorial so there will no confusion on what to do.

What is amazing about these palettes is each one contains everything needed to create a beautiful face: eyeshadow primer in two shades, three eye shadows, two lipsticks, blush and black eyeliner. All that for just $32.50! Plus, the palettes are well edited and the colors look to be just gorgeous. Of the five available, I am seriously loving My Smokey Classics
and My Vintage Glams. But the other gorgeous kits, My Luscious Greens, My Fierce Violets and My Sultry Blues, are nothing to sneeze at.

One can't help but fall in love with the adorable Lauren Luke (doesn't that sound just like a comic book heroine name?). Although, like many beauty junkies, I admit to having a healthy amount of envy for the opportunity she has had to really make her mark on the cosmetic industry, also like her millions of fans and admirers, I wish this industrious woman only the best. Can't wait to try them out!



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