Lemon Love: C.O. Bigelow Lemon Eau de Parfum

Oh, man. It's been a while since a new lemon-y product has entered my life -- too long in fact, since I love lemon scented body products almost more than anything. Thankfully, Bath & Body Works never lets me down when it comes to my longing for lemon. Already a fan of the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Collection, I high-tailed it to the store as soon as I heard about their latest offering: Lemon Eau de Parum ($35).

Essentially the fragrance of the body products in parfum form, this isn't the most original of scents to hit the bottle. But, then again, if you have a good thing going, why mess with it? This bright, crisp fragrance combines "effervescent citrus notes with green lemon leaves and sensual, creamy undertones of warm white musk." What I really like about the scent is that it is fresh and bright and crisp without being overly sweet. It is feminine but not cloying, young but not immature and beautiful but accessible. It kind of reminds me of a summer maxi-dress -- relaxed, comfy but not too revealing. Also, it has no trace of that frightul Pledge-scent to which some lemon products fall victim.

Anyway, can you tell that I like it? I can say with confidence that I've found my Summer scent. And because there are coordinating body products, it can easily be layered to extend the wear. Lastly, it is very reasonably priced for a parfum and should last all the way through Summer and beyond. If you order now online, you get a free Lemon Lip Cream to go with it. All you fellow lemon gals out there, this one is a keeper.



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