Product Lust: Stila Indian Summer

There has been a bit of concern recently about one of my favorite brands, stila. A few weeks ago their website mysteriously shut down with a message that pending orders were canceled. Rumors circulated about stila being a victim of hard economic times. Stila fans panicked. Or, maybe worried a little.

Thankfully, last week news came out that the company has been bought with plans to re-vamp their business strategy and keep their fine products in the marketplace. Stila's website is still not up, although products are available online at Sephora, Ulta and Beautycrunch.

My hope is that they get things up and running again to put out the drool-worthy Summer 2009 Collection:
That's Indian as in India. The collection, inspired by the colors of Southeast Asia, is rich with gold packaging, bindi-inspired details and gold-flecked glosses. I'm completely in love with the Charmed Palette ($28). It is packed with rich tones of copper, warm gold, intense teal, and deep burgundy.
Click to read on and see the rest of the collection...

The Marigold Convertible Color Duo ($25) looks to be the perfect summer compact to bronze and highlight your way to a golden glow.
The 24 karat lip gloss ($22) is rich with jewel-toned colors to compliment newly-bronzed skin.
Although stila has been saved, I'm hoping that Indian Summer isn't a casualty of the sale. It was reportedly going to be available at Sephora in May, so fingers crossed for now...



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