Review: Rimmel Kiss & Stay

Some readers have expressed an interest in long-wearing lip colors and how they hold up throughout the course of the day. Certainly, there is no shortage of supposedly long-wearing products on the market, both at budget and extravagant price points. One of the latest additions to the club is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss ($8). At an economical price of less than $10 and widely available at drugstores, this seemed like a good product to check out.

While Rimmel bills this as a lip gloss, my impression is that it is more of a stain+gloss combo. One half of the tube is the lip color/stain and the other end of a high-gloss topper with a pearly sheen. Similar to other long-wearing products, the color is applied first and left to dry. This waiting allows the color to really sink in and bond with the lips, thereby giving you that long-lasting wear that you are hoping for.

In the interest of rocking out the Spring Coral Trend, I chose the shade "Hot Flash" which is a vivid coral paired with a shimmery, opalescent gloss. My experience with the long-wearing nature was hit and miss. Rimmel claims that one can expect Kiss & Stay to last for 10 hours and, honestly, I think that's preposterous. There might be remnants of the color left after 10 hours, but it is kind of unreasonable to expect it to be in perfect shape after that amount of time. With regular use, this stuff holds up pretty well from morning till about lunch. It lasted through my morning coffee and meetings looking pretty good. It wasn't necessarily fresh and flawless, but it was acceptable.

After lunch, things start to get dicey. One thing I don't like about Kiss & Stay is that, as time passes and it dries, it tends to flake a bit around the edges of the lips. It becomes sort of textured and gross. I would be perfectly content to reapply the base color stain after lunch; but the flaking nature of the morning's application got in the way of a simple re-app.

The other thing I don't particularly like about Kiss & Stay is the gloss part. At least for Hot Flash, the gloss is very, very glossy. Very high-shine. If that's your thing, hey, great. But I'm most inclined to use a long-wearing lip color during the work week when I'm busy and want to look polished without frequent touch ups. The intensity of the gloss is slightly too much for a work environment, in my opinion. So, I kept using the color, but replaced the gloss with a clear lip balm which worked just fine. To demonstrate, here is Hot Flash with just the color:

Here it is with the gloss over top:

You might also notice that the application here is far from perfect. Another problem with Kiss & Stay is that perfect application of the color stain is almost impossible with the doe-foot wand. Combined with the relatively thin consistency of the color, it makes for a tough time not having it leak out over the lip line. So, I'd advise you not to try to put this on when you are in a hurry.

Overall, while I'll continue to use Kiss & Stay because I really like the color of Hot Flash, I'm not sure that I would recommend it to others with all of the trouble it gave me. That being said, it is more long-lasting than a standard lipstick or gloss and it does pretty well for about 4-5 hours.



CKruger said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. I really love how you give us pictures of the actual product on an actual person. I know you are really trying these products and not just repeating what someone else said. All your hard work is really appreciated!

May 18, 2009 at 9:52 AM
Kyl said...

Hey CK:

Thanks for the comment and the positive feedback! I'm glad you like the content -- keep checking back, I have lots more to say! :)
May 18, 2009 at 3:47 PM

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