Review: Softlips PURE Lip Conditioner

Softlips are one of those brands that elicit nostalgia for junior high -- when everyone carried around lip balm in the front pocket of their acid washed jeans and pulled them out on the playground while standing around looking cool. Maybe that was just my school, but Softlips balms were carried by the best of us. Nowadays, Softlips has expanded their line to include balms with color, shimmer and new and interesting seasonal scents.

The latest addition to the Softlips family is Softlips PURE -- the company's first foray into the natural/organic market. It contains a mix of all-natural emollients and conditioners, including organic oils, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E and is certified 95% organic by the USDA. The packaging is printed with vegetable-based ink on recyclable material, which is a nice touch. This initial release features two flavors, Pomegranate and Honeydew, packaged in Softlips' signature petite stick, perfect for front pockets or small evening bags.

I've been using Softlips PURE for a few weeks and, I have to say, they are great! As regular readers know, I'm not really a stickler for the organic/natural thing, but I know that many of you are. One thing I've noticed is that organic products are often significantly, sometimes prohibitively, more expensive. But that is not the case with Softlips PURE; they ring up at the same price as regular Softlips, the very economical $3. Or, go bulk and share with friends (a 12 pack on goes for $34).

Using these regularly, my lips have been moist, soft and oh-so-happy. Both flavors are great and I honestly can't decide which one I prefer. I start to think Oh, definitely the Pomegranate and then I go back to the other and think No, it's got to be the Honeydew. Which only tells me that I like them equally. The scents are pleasant but not overpowering and both seem more fresh than fruity to me. The natural emollients are quite moisturizing and fairly robust with minimal need for re-application. Overall, Softlips PURE is a great product from a trusted brand at a budget-friendly price. I fully expect them to be a major success.

If your interest has been piqued, Softlips are widely available in grocery/drugstores or at for purchase. Or, enter The Beauty Couch Softlips PURE Giveaway where I will be giving away full-sized tubes of Softlips PURE to four lucky winners. The contest opens tomorrow, May 5th at 8am EST and will run through May 12th at 12am EST (which is Monday night turning into Tuesday morning -- I had to think about it myself for a minute there). The contest is only open to residents of the U.S.A. and Canada. Be sure to stop by and enter!



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