Tarte Summer '09 Collection

One of my favorite brands, tarte, has some new products on offer for Summer '09. Looking at these promo pics, I'm pretty psyched to check them out!

Although I should know better, I am nonetheless intrigued by celluFIGHT ($40) -- a combination anti-cellulite cream/self-tanner. The idea is sort of ingenious given that both type of products are typically applied to the same areas. This product features tarte's skinTIGHT complex: a proprietary anti-cellulite mix, containing caffeine and algae extract, that reportedly firms and tones skin while improving elasticity. Importantly, in the world of self-tanners, it is fragranced with a combination of essential oils to achieve a natural green tea scent. Given that self-tanners usually have a disgusting smell, I think green tea would be a fantastic change.

The most skepticism goes to multiplEYE ($65) -- a natural lash enhancer. If you are desperate for thicker lashes but can't afford the prescription treatment, multiplEYE might be just the ticket. It contains a mixture of soy and amino acid proteins that form a "super-protein" base to fortify and nourish lashes. Although it is not intended to "treat, prevent, cure, relieve, resolve, stop or reduce hair loss or to promote the growth of hair," the overwhelming majority of test subjects reported an increase in lash thickness. It is applied once a day to the lash line, similar to eye liner, although they don't say how long it takes to start to see results. It seems promising that the initial reviews on sephora.com are very positive.

Probably my favorite of the group is eyeQuatic ($35) -- a set of waterproof summer essentials. For the fairly reasonable price, you get a full-size headscarf, three mermaid-inspired lock & roll shadow duos, and a deluxe sized lights, camera, splashes! waterproof mascara. The three eye shadows are new, intensely beautiful shades of turquoise, citrine, tanzanite. Tie on that headscarf and kiss those winter blues good-bye for good!

In addition to these new products, tarte has also welcomed Summer by adding colors to several of their signature product lines (natural cheek stain, emphasEYES, and rise&shine lip stain).

Any and all of the above are available now at: tarte.com, Sephora stores, sephora.com, beauty.com, Henri Bendel, and boutiques nationwide.



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