A $5 Investment in Smoother Skin: Body Shop Bath Gloves

It seems like at least once a month I have to talk about my scrubbing product du jour. Despite reviewing many great scrubbing products on this blog, I have heretofore neglected to write about one of my all-time favorite shower products: the Body Shop Bath Gloves ($5).

It's no secret that I love a good exfoliation and these bath gloves provide just that. On the continuum of scrubbing products, I would say that these gloves are more intense than a typical jar scrub product but less intense than a full-on professional Korean scrub. For daily use, since they are a bit intense, I prefer using something slightly less abrasive. But at least once a week I do a full all-over scrub with these gloves and it is, quite frankly, pretty amazing. If you are a scrub freak like me, these can definitely be used enthusiastically all over. But, even if you aren't a power-scrubber, they are fantastic on problem dry areas like elbows, knees and feet. Plus, the gloves slip on and off easily and take only a little bit of shower gel to really get them going. They rinse out easily and are small enough not to take up too much precious shower real estate.

For their very reasonable price, the Body Gloves are quite durable; I've been using my pair for at least a year and they are still in excellent shape. The gloves are stretchy and will fit a large variety of hand sizes and (this is really important) they come several cool colors. Mine are in my favorite color, orange, but those coral ones in the photo are pretty cute.

Anyway, I realize that today's post isn't terribly exciting. But y'know, some of the best products out there aren't exciting because they are simple, unassuming and incredibly effective. We could use a few more of those, come to think of it.



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