Do or Don't -- Putting On Makeup On The Bus

woman put on her make-upYesterday I was riding the bus downtown (not one of my favorite activities) and the bus was even more crowded than usual. Crowded is an understatement -- let's say shoulder-to-shoulder packed. Shortly after I got on, a middle aged woman gets on and she starts looking around agitatedly as if looking for an open seat (there weren't any) or a friend or something. Then she wedges herself past several people and asks another women if she would switch her places so that she could put on her makeup. I guess she wanted to stand against a pole for stability or something. Anyway, she was able to accomplish this re-positioning maneuver and then proceeded to take out her makeup kit.

What then ensued was an elaborate application of cream, primer, foundation, powder, lip liner, lipstick and probably even more because when I got off the bus a good 10-15 minutes later, she was still at it. Now, I try to be an accepting and nonjudgmental person and I realize that people are busy and mornings are often rushed. But, oh my god, seriously?

At any rate, I was doing OK with the whole bus/makeup salon thing, even finding it mildly amusing, until she pulled out the most disgusting makeup sponge I have ever seen. If I had to guess, it was at least several years old and I'm pretty sure it has never been washed. I seriously considered gently suggesting that she a) throw it away and get a new one for 99cents, for crying out loud or b) at least take a little soap and water to that one. But I kept my mouth shut on that front.

It's interesting because a little lipstick and gloss application on the bus wouldn't even phase me, but an entire face application?! I don't know, maybe I'm splitting hairs here. What do you think?



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