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This week's Friends & Family Favorite is the first submission from my super-fun friend, Ashley. I feel somewhat responsible for her blossoming cosmetic addiction so I recruited her to write up a piece on Korres Lip Butter ($9).

Korres is a Greek brand of cosmetics and skin care and all of their labels are charmingly printed in both English and Greek writing. They are a "natural" brand and base most of their products on food and flower extracts. This results in some truly delicious-sounding offerings. While I have tried and enjoyed using the Guava (clear) variety, Ashley has tried quite a few more. Here's what she says.

Re: that Korres stuff:

It comes in a variety of colors including: Guava (clear), Quince (sheer rose), Plum (sheer lavender berry), Pomegranate (sheer coral) and Wild Rose (deep red). All come in a small pot with a screw on lid that seems not at high risk for leaking (which you know freaks me out). The Guava goes on totally clear, but with a hint of a dewy quality. I also tried the Pomegranate which is a really pretty shade, but too sheer for my lip color. I really like the Wild Rose which actually had enough color and was tarty, but not too vampy. They all smell great, go on smooth and are non-sticky. The downs? They didn't seem to last long at all in their "gloss duties" but do seem to make lips super soft. These are all also touted as cheek stain, but I didn't try any in this way.

I can't think of much else to add to that very comprehensive review! I really love the texture of this balm, which is silky and buttery (but not in a gross way). I agree that the gloss is more of a slight sheen -- very subtle and good if you like the no-makeup look. Overall, Korres Lip Butter is a high-quality tinted balm, if a tad on the pricey side. And it has never leaked in my purse.

Korres Lip Butter is available exclusively at Sephora.



Ashley said...

Korres Lip Butter gives lips a lovely, shiny finish and offers a natural flush when applied to the apples of the cheeks. I too got one from Sephora.

June 8, 2009 at 3:04 AM

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