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As I spend half my life combing the web for health and beauty related content, I thought I'd pass along some recent interesting links.

Since we've been scared about the potential for premature aging and cancer from the sun all throughout the month of May, here is yet another New York Times article about finding "A Healthy Glow That's Truly Healthy."

Is there a new hairstyle in your future? Check out this really cool, detailed quiz to find "Your Perfect Hairstyle." It's free to take and doesn't require any goofy registration. Just FYI, the results are interesting, but pretty text-intensive.

In case your subscription to French Elle expired, you may have missed the April issue featuring eight female European celebrities--including Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci and Charlotte Rampling--all without makeup and all entirely without Photoshopping or retouching of any kind. The fact that such a thing is so outside the norm is actually pretty sad. Granted, they are all beautiful to start, but it is definitely refreshing to be reminded of how beautiful women are without all of that "enhancement." Monica Bellucci is one of the most beautiful actresses working today, in my opinion, so I was especially happy that she was featured in the spread.

At long last, the Stila Indian Summer Collection is now available!

Do you etsy? While there is no shortage of homemade body/cosmetic products available on this online flea market, the products made by Naiad Soap Arts have got me seriously salivating. Lemon Cream Body Sugar Cubes, Chocolate Coconut Whipped Bath Mousse, Banana Brulee Soap? Yes, please.

Lastly, some new and interesting research on the social function of blushing. Maybe it's not so embarassing after all.



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