L'Oreal HiP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso

Next up in my tour of L'Oreal HiP products, we have Color Presso gloss duos. Recently I had the opportunity to try a few of these out to see how they stack up. Color Presso is unique for having two glosses per container, which then can be used to create three different gloss shades (each gloss separately or by mixing the two together in case that wasn't completely obvious). This gives Color Presso a definite leg-up in terms of versatility.

There are 10 shades from which to choose and I tried Swanky and Trendy (shown above and below). Trendy features a shimmery mauve combined with a pale, glossy pink. Swanky has a more intense bubble-gum pink packaged with a lustrous neutral.

Swatches with indoor light (left) and outdoor light (right).

My experience using the HiP Color Presso glosses was varied. I definitely preferred the more pigmented shade of each duo. The bright pink of Swanky actually looked quite pink on the lips and was a fun, but sheer, punch of color. The rose-y mauve of Trendy worked well with my natural lip color and was quite flattering for a low-key look. The neutral shades of each duo were just OK. My complaint is that they are barely pigmented and essentially like applying a clear shimmery gloss; which is fine if that's what you are going for, but they are not what I would consider "high intensity pigment" by any stretch. Mixing the two shades together was a fun experiment, but since the pigmented colors were fairly sheer to start and already had a fair amount of shimmer, I didn't really see the point. There are a few other Color Presso duos that may be more intensely pigmented and more satisfactory in the color department. I'd like to try Fashionista or Snazzy, for example.

Which brings me to a problem with Color Presso: the weird, awkward applicator. The applicator has two holes for the two different colors to squirt out. The problem is that to accommodate the two holes, it is twice as big as a normal gloss applicator. This increased size makes it completely useless in terms of applying the gloss. I tried it a few times, had gloss smeared all over my face, got frustrated, and then used my finger exclusively.

The glosses are fragranced with a candy-sweet scent that is pretty strong, but short lived. In terms of the wear and durability, they are pretty typical. I wouldn't say that it lasts any longer than a standard gloss, but it isn't exceedingly quick to disappear either. On average, they lasted about one hour on my lips with just talking (no drinking, eating, etc.). Ladies who hate stickiness in a gloss may actually love this one because the feel is silky smooth and definitely not sticky. I don't know if it has moisturizing agents, but it felt similar to a balm on the lips (something like Kiehl's #1).

Overall, I think that these are pretty good glosses, but not quite ready for prime time. If I had to change them, I would add more pigmentation, take away some of the shimmer (or at least limit the shimmer to one of the shades, not both, so that there is actually something to be gained by mixing the two), and change the packaging. I might also consider reducing the price to something more in line with other drugstore prices ($6-8). In my brief price checking of the L'Oreal HiP Color Presso glosses, they consistently are in the $13-14 range. This seems high, especially considering that you can get an excellent MAC lipglass for $14 and it won't have the strong fragrance and the problem applicator or take up as much space in your bag. On the other hand, a $14 MAC gloss would only be one color and the Color Presso gives two. Which I guess is the core issue, whether the two color option is enough to offset the less-than-perfect features and the price. This might be one to save for the BOGO sale.



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