NOTW: Miami Beet

Just as Nail Rehab was finishing up and my nails were starting to look somewhat presentable, wouldn't you know I would just go ahead and take a giant slice out of one of them with a Santoku knife. Yeah, that was unpleasant.

But I'm pretty happy to report that things are once again fairly stable in the nail department. I decided to celebrate with a bright, Summer-y manicure: OPI Miami Beet. I previewed the OPI South Beach Summer Collection a while back and wasn't initially that excited about any of the shades. That is, except for Miami Beet. This bright magenta is definitely reminiscent of highly nutritious beets. Miami Beet is a creamy, very color-rich shade without any shimmer at all. This is a nice change, in my opinion, since Summer nail polishes tend to run a bit heavy on the shimmer/glitter. The application and formula are great and I continue to love the OPI wide brush. If you are shy about bright fingertips, then this probably isn't the shade for you, although it would make a lovely pedi. I can definitely see myself wearing this again and again this Summer. It might be my next pedi shade, in fact.

I can't see myself buying any of the other South Beach shades, but check out this link to see swatches of the entire collection.



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