Zoya Remove+ = Amazing

On the topic of where to spend your hard-earned beauty cash, nail polish remover might not be at the top of the list. Ringing up at a substantial $10 (plus shipping), Zoya Remove+ is significantly more expensive than standard drugstore nail polish removers that usually run in the $2-3 range.

I know this. I get it. So while I understand that it might be tough to convince you that the additional expense of Zoya Remove+ is not wasted, I just want to be clear that this is the absolute, hands-down, best nail polish remover ever. Is that too effusive? Let me explain.

Zoya Remove+ is billed as a 3-in-1 product due to its ability to remove nail polish, cleanse the nail and prepare it for polish, which is good for starters. But more than that, and most critical to my love for this product, is the mild acetone formula that is specially formulated to not dry out the nail or surrounding cuticle. And in addition to being formulated not to dry the nail and cuticle, it actually doesn't. For someone with chronically dry hands, cuticles and nails, this is nothing short of a small miracle. Particularly if you are nail polish fickle and change color at least twice a week, Zoya Remove+ is definitely something that needs to make its way into your medicine cabinet.

And, yes, while it is expensive, I like to think of spending money on a quality nail polish remover as a little like spending money on good undergarments. One might think: Why bother because no one else is going to see them? However, similar to good undergarments, good nail care is the foundation of pretty hands and manicures; it doesn't matter how beautiful the polish looks if the nail is dry and the surrounding skin is cracked and flaking. Similarly, no one is going to notice the gorgeous cashmere sweater if there are all kind of disorganized, lumpy things going on underneath it. You get my drift here.

In addition to the amazing formula, I also really like the "Big Flipper" spill-proof dispenser that comes with the 8oz size. In terms of negatives, I'm not crazy about the scent, which Zoya describes as "lavender." It isn't worse than any standard acetone-based nail polish remover, but it's not my favorite. "Natural" cosmetic fans may take issue with Remove+ being acetone-based and not exactly toxin-free like the Zoya nail polishes themselves. In general, acetone-based removers are much more effective than non, so Remove+ would definitely lose something if it were to be acetone-free. But I can only imagine that the folks at Zoya are fast at work on a more "natural" nail polish remover.

If my review seems a bit exuberant for something as mundane as nail polish remover, I can only attribute it to the awesomeness that is Zoya Remove+. I absolutely love it when a company can take a boring, mundane product and make it amazing. In Remove+, Zoya has done just that.



Shannon said...

Remove + is pretty much the best remover EVER. When I use drugstore polish it takes me about 10 times as much remover to get off polish, and my nails are dry and peeling afterward. I haven't had any peeling nails since switching. For how much less polish remover I use, and how much better it is for my nails, the added cost evens out. Also, I luckily have a little family owned beauty story nearby that carries Zoya stuff, so I don't pay the shipping.

June 26, 2009 at 1:49 PM
Kyl said...

Hi Shannon:

Man, I wish I could find a store that sells Remove. You are so lucky!
June 26, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Shannon said...

I know! I actually didn't realize there were stores that carried Zoya. I am especially impressed considering how we have pretty crappy selection of polish brands around here.

Have you ever considered ordering the massive refill bottle? I think that'd end up a little cheaper in the long run (I was going to do that until I realized someone nearby carried Zoya.)

June 27, 2009 at 12:40 PM

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