Beautify Your Bathroom with... Q-tips???

There are many ways to dress up a bathroom/vanity area: bright white towels, fresh cut flowers, a scented candle or two, but a Q tip box? Come again? Sure, we all love those handy cotton-topped swabs, but the standard box does not jump to mind when I think of products with beautiful packaging. The new Q tips Vanity Packs ($3) are going to change that. In four fabulous, vibrant colors (blue, purple/pink, red and yellow) these 285 count boxes are adorable enough to leave out on the counter not only for convenience, but because you won't want to put them away!

And because they contain the multi-functional Q tips we all know and love, you will be reaching for the box over and over again for any number of beauty-related tasks. In fact, there are so many beautiful uses for a Q tip that they are a definite must-have for amateur and professional makeup artists, including well-known names like Mally Roncal and Troy Jensen. In fact, has a whole slew of beauty tips for Q tips including the most-loved secrets of Mally and Troy. Find even more on this list by The Beauty Bunny for 29 unexpected ways to use a Q tip. If, like me, you tend to find makeup migrating to unfortunate ares of your face throughout the day, check out my favorite Q tip tip:
Keep Q-tips cotton swabs in a plastic bag with a small amount of makeup remover. They're convenient and great to use for touch-ups throughout the day (runny mascara, smeared eye shadow, smudged lipstick, etc.)."
I've had some of the Vanity Packs (the purple one shown on the left, in fact) sitting out on my counter for a few weeks now and they really do a good job of brightening up the area. The boxes are relatively compact and so vividly colored that you would probably not even suspect that they contained something like Qtips. In the mess of brushes that need to be washed, contact lens containers and various products I'm sampling at any given time, the Q tips Vanity Packs are the one thing I can point to that actually leave my bathroom counter looking better once they arrived. Small, handy and good-looking, what's not to love?



TitansFan said...

My wife is gonna go nuts over those things. We just had a new
Bathroom Vanity installed and she has been looking for decoration ideas.

July 8, 2009 at 12:05 PM
Kyl said...

Hey there TitansFan:

Well, for $3 you can't really go wrong!
July 8, 2009 at 9:11 PM

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