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My first reaction to was wow and I completely stick by that today. Allow me to share my complete infatuation with the beauty blitz that is the Beautyfix program.

Forget navigating the beauty department at your local department store, trying to guess which products will work best and which are worth the price. Beautyfix brings you the season’s must-have products selected by a panel of industry insiders—for a fraction of the price —plus free gifts and member-only discounts on additional products. Now you can spoil yourself without splurging!

The program is very simple. Sign up on their website and four times a year (for a cost of $50/shipment) you will receive 7-10 new, carefully vetted skin care and cosmetic products delivered straight to your doorstep. This program is so incredible because it offers full sized or deluxe-sized samples of all of the included products. No teeny, tiny 1-2 use samples here, no sir! Plus, the included products are not only from quality, high-end brands, but they have already been put through an intense screening process via Beautyfix's diverse panel of experts that includes plastic surgeons, dermatologists, estheticians, and, yes, even some beauty bloggers! Hundreds of products are submitted for consideration to be included in the Beautyfix box, but only the cream of the crop are ultimately chosen.

You might be wondering how this program fits into Skin Care Week on The Beauty Couch. Well, the reason is that I've been lucky enough to receive one of the Beautyfix boxes and it seems that while the Beautyfix package can include makeup, skin care, bath/body and hair products, they do tend to be a little heavy on the skin care. In fact, my rough estimate is that at least 50% of each box is made up of some luxurious skin care products. The package I received contained 3LAB "M" Cream, Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, Glowelle 7-Day Starter Kit, Kerstin Florian Aromatherapy Neroli Water and Lisa Hoffman Beauty Vitamin A & C Serum. Although not strictly skin care related, my kit also contained Jonathan Finish Control hairspray which is awesome -- love love love it!

Beautyfix also has an online community where the products are reviewed by the users who can network with other Beautyfix members. The price of $50/quarter (or, $200 per year) is a little steep, particularly if you really fall in love with one of the products and simply must have more. But, Beautyfix membership also comes with perks. For one, each product included in the shipment comes with a special deal. For example, the Jonathan hairspray that I love comes with an offer to try the Jonathan One Minute Redo Kit (containing a Freshen-Up Mist, the awesome hairspray, and a Create Root Volumizing Spray) for $35. The retail price for all of those is $75. Not a bad discount! Plus, if you don't like the selection, you can cancel at any time.

Right now, Beautyfix 3 of 2009 is available, so check out the potential selections here and sign up. As you can imagine, space is limited. Overall, this is a unique way to try out some really fantastic products at a discounted price, including some products that you may not otherwise be aware. I have been completely blown away by the quality and selection they offer and I think you will be, too.



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