Skin Care Week: L'Occitane Ultra Comforting Mask

Facial masks can do any number of things depending on their ingredients. Some of my favorite masks exfoliate, brighten, tone or deep clean. However, never before have I used a product that promised to comfort, which is the idea behind L'Occitane En Provence Ultra Comforting Mask ($8). The mask belongs to the Shea & Cotton Collection which also includes a cleanser, cream and serum. These products are designed especially for sensitive skin with minimal ingredients that are selected for purity and mildness. They are also free of perfumes, colorants, alcohols or preservatives. One thing that I appreciate about this product is that it comes in two sizes: a 0.5oz trial size ($8) and 2.6oz full size ($32). I love that you can try it out without a huge investment before deciding to purchase the full amount.

My experience with the mask has been very positive and I'm really without any significant complaints about it. It doesn't have a noticeable scent or coloring and the consistency is in the middle range for a mask (not overly thick or too thin). It is easy to use and only requires 5-10 minutes of exposure, although some people go so far as to leave it on overnight. I really like that it wipes off with a tissue and doesn't require exposure to harsh, drying water to rinse off.

It turns out that the claim to "comfort" the facial skin is a fairly accurate description of the affect that it has. After using the mask, my face did indeed feel intensely hydrated, baby-soft, and yes, comforted. I even tried using it after a slightly aggressive exfoliation and found the mask to be really useful to decrease any minor redness or irritation that the exfoliation caused. It is exceedingly gentle and soothing and did not cause any unsightly breakouts or irritations. It is a gentle product designed for sensitive skin care but I imagine that most skin types will find it beneficial. Using this product was an overall pleasing experience; maybe not quite as relaxing as a country walk in Provence, but then again, it is only a face mask.



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