Slightly Ridiculous Product I Nevertheless Love: Evian Facial Spray

As someone who generally opposes frivolous beauty products with dubious claims, I did not expect to love Evian Facial Spray Mist ($10). To be clear, this product is essentially Evian water packaged in a pressurized can so that it can be gently misted on the face with the press of a button. It occasionally shows up in celebrity magazines as a beauty secret for keeping skin dewy and hydrated or as a travel must-have for combating dry airliner cabins.

This weekend we are experiencing a small heat wave in my area of the country and the Evian Spray Mist is my new best friend. A quick spritz over my over-heated face and I am cool and comfortable -- at least for a while. Because the water is pressurized, it is cool when sprayed from the container; but for the truly heat-tortured, I would definitely try keeping it in the fridge for an extra-chilly effect. The directions indicate that it is supposed to be sprayed on, left for a brief while, and then gently dabbed off. Personally, I just leave it on to evaporate on its own, which because of the ultra-fine mist, it does rather quickly.

But even when the heat isn't public enemy #1, this spray is perfect for creating lovely, dewy skin. A few of my favorite foundations, like tarte Peaches & Cream, are matte. While I do like the matte look and love the coverage that foundation provides, I often want a dewy look for Summer. So what to do? Now, when applying a matte foundation, I spray a light dusting of the Evian over top and just let it sit. Besides adding a little glow to the skin, this also effectively "sets" the makeup and extends the wear without dusting on translucent powder.

Evian Facial Mist comes in a variety of sizes and multi-packs. One particularly interesting size is the small 1.7oz can ($18) that would be perfect for travelling. And because it is sold in a 3 pack, you can easily keep one in your purse, at the office or in the travel bag. Never have an excuse to be unrefreshed on arrival again!



tormp said...

i bet this could effectively cool down any number of over-heated body parts.

July 5, 2009 at 7:28 PM
Kyl said...

feel free to try some as needed. it's in the top bathroom drawer.
July 5, 2009 at 7:33 PM

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